Woman's harrowing last message before she mysteriously disappeared on holiday

Family members are desperately searching for answers after a woman sent a mysterious message to her loved ones before disappearing while on holiday.

Carla Stefaniak, 36, from Florida, was holidaying in Costa Rica yet failed to board her return flight to the US earlier this week.

She had been staying at an AirBnB in Val Buena when she messaged her sister-in-law April Burton that the power had cut out amid torrential rain late on Tuesday.

Carla Stefaniak was last heard from on Tuesday. Source: Facebook/ Finding Carla

“It’s pretty sketchy here,” the last message she sent to Ms Burton read, according to CBS News.

Following discussions with the AirBnB owner and an Uber driver, the family believe she may have gotten into an unidentified car and left the area she was staying early on Wednesday.

Her family has set up a Facebook page called Finding Carla in a bid to locate her.

Friends have since described her as a “free spirit” and someone who “loved life”. Source: Facebook/ Finding Carla

Friends have since described her as a “free spirit” and someone who “loved life”.

“Words cannot express how shocking and devastating this is to her family and her friends. If anyone can help us with this situation, it will be highly appreciated,” Ms Burton wrote on Facebook.

The family claim they were given false hope after police in Costa Rica wrongly identified another tourist as Ms Stefaniak.