Woman's furious reply to mechanic who inappropriately texted her

Sarah Carty
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A woman has schooled a mechanic on how inappropriate it was to text her telling her she’s ‘gorgeous’ after she got her car serviced at his garage.

The woman’s sister posted screenshots of the text exchange between the woman and the mechanic, alongside the caption: “My sister got creeped on and sexually harassed by a jiffy lube guy via text…”

It all started when the mechanic texted the woman, saying: “You are gorgeous”.

When she asked ‘who is this?’ the man replied saying he was her ‘favourite oil change guy’.

“So I feel like this is a teachable moment for you,” the woman started her reply to the man.

“While I know you were wanted to give me a compliment, it was completely unnecessary and unsolicited. I am a customer, you are a service provider and there should be no communication between us outside of that unless I, the customer, express interest.”

She went on to say that she is married, and actually mentioned this when they were talking about her car.

Photo: Instagram/@LovableAndKind
Photo: Instagram/@LovableAndKind

She added that she felt ‘panicked’ when she realised that the mechanic had gone back into her file to get her mobile number, which meant he also would have had access to her home address and other personal information.

“It is a violation of my privacy for you to contact me from your personal phone with information that you got without my permission,” she wrote.

“There are men who stalk, rape and murder women by getting their information this way.”

The woman said she was left in a ‘predicament’ whether to ignore his violation and go to another mechanic in the future or report his misconduct to his boss.

Photo: Instagram/@LovableAndKind
Photo: Instagram/@LovableAndKind

“Generally I am not in the business of ruining someone’s livelihood over something as simple as this, but it is very important to me that you understand why it was completely inappropriate for you to contact me or any other woman without consent. Capiche?” she said.

The man simply replied saying: “Sorry about that yes ma’am”.

But before he was completely let off the hook, the woman made sure to tell him he’s definitely not even in her top five favourite oil change guys.

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