Woman's furious rant over roadwork signs outside her Melbourne mansion

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A Melbourne woman has been filmed going off at tradies for placing construction signs outside her luxury home.

The resident in the affluent suburb of Kew, in the city's east, can be seen ripping down 'footpath closed' signs and furiously moving giant cones which are placed on the pavement in front of her home.

The footage appears to be filmed by tradies who watched on from across the street and was shared on TikTok last week.

A Melbourne woman furiously removed building equipment from outside her home before yelling at tradies. Source: TikTok
A Melbourne woman furiously removed building equipment from outside her home before yelling at tradies. Source: TikTok

Dressed in activewear, the woman, dubbed 'Karen from Kew', storms up to the sign and proceeds to move it closer to the building site next door.

"You can take photos of me all you like, but do not put this in front of my home," she can be heard yelling in the video.

Heavy machinery and fencing are visible on the property next door, which indicates ongoing construction in the area where the median house price averages a huge $2.5million.

The 'footpath closed' sign and other building equipment were placed on the footpath outside of the building site to divert pedestrians away from the area.

While it is unclear if a prior dispute between the woman and the builders had occurred, she seems unhappy with the signage's placement in close proximity to access to her home.

Days later another video shows her moving the signs and equipment again but this time with a little more of a struggle.

She attempts to dismantle a blockade set up near her home before repositioning it further away, but she continues to drop the pieces in her fury.

Tradies could be heard laughing as they film her reaction, with one of them saying: "She'll probably go off at me if she sees me filming her."

Social media reacts to woman's outburst

The woman's reaction caught the attention of many on social media with the videos amassing more than 500,000 views and many commenters criticising her actions.

"I wish I was so rich that my problems were a sign out front on a public footpath," one wrote.

"I want to be so rich that this is the problems I have in my life," said another.

Others struggled to see what her issue was, implying she was out of line.

While some found the outburst hilarious and others pointed out the footpath is public property.

"I love her dedication," one person said.

However some did appear to side with the woman, with one comment reading: "I mean she has a point."

'I agree with this woman. [Do] they want you to walk on that busy road?" another asked.

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