Woman's failed 'bakery tattoo' in an attempt to get free sausage rolls

A woman in the UK has proven her devout dedication to sausage rolls after she tattooed the logo of a local bakery onto her leg in an attempt to get free pastries.

Nicole Reed from Manchester, England, proudly unveiled her new tattoo on Twitter last week with an image of UK bakery Greggs’ logo and captioned it, “What’s a girl gotta do to get a free pasty”.

Unfortunately for the pastry lover, the tattoo was a fail.

Greggs is known for their sausage rolls in the UK and Ms Reed thought if she tagged the company in her photo, they would respond with some freebies.

“Should've got a sausage roll tattooed..” Greggs responded.

Source: Twitter Nicole Reed

Ms Reed wasn’t prepared to give up easily, responding with a few rhymes

“Don’t be nasty, smash the pasty” and “Sausage roll Nicole”.

When Greggs asked if the new addition to Ms Reed’s leg was real, she responded with, “I’m afraid so.”

It didn’t take long for the post to go viral on social media and not surprisingly, people have a lot of thoughts on the tattoo.

“Why?” several people asked.

“I got the tattoo as a dare, I didn’t pay for it, my friend paid for it. I’m on holiday and we [sic] ‘wasn’t’ sober. I shouldn’t have to explain myself to anyone,” Ms Reed responded.

Some people pointed out the cost of a tattoo would have been better spent on several of her beloved sausage rolls.

“With the money you spent on this you could have had about 50,” another person wrote.

Nicole Reed (left) has taken her love for Greggs baked goods to extreme. Source: Twitter Nicole Reed/Getty

A few people have even questioned how real the tattoo is.

“That’s drawn with a pen you silly sausage!” one person posted.

“That line work is why you shouldn't let your mates use their Amazon bought tattoo kit on you,” another person responded.

Ms Reed is standing by her tattoo and while she may be in for a long wait, she is still holding out for some free Greggs.

”Surely this should get a ‘free Greggs for life’ card?” one person asked.

Not surprisingly Ms Reed agreed.

“I agree 100% even if it’s just on the sausage rolls,” she said.

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