Woman's 'disrespectful' discovery on restaurant receipt

A customer at a Mexican restaurant in the US state of Georgia has been left in shock after receiving a receipt with a racial slur printed on it.

Speaking to Fox 5, Nyjah Vest told the station her co-worker ordered food for her over the phone on Saturday (local time) and spelled out her name.

When Ms Vest saw the receipt for her order, in place of her name on the receipt was the racial slur “n****r”.

Nyjah Vest (pictured) was shocked when she got her receipt from the Mexican restaurant with a racial slur written on it. Source: Fox5

Ms Vest told Fox 5 she felt “disrespected” and in shock, adding: “It’s a joke.”

The server, who took the order and doesn’t wish to be named, told news station it was a misunderstanding.

He said the order was placed for a group of people and the server did not know how to spell "Nyjah”.

Ms Vest said she found it hard to believe anyone would write the N-word on an order in place of a name.

"If somebody told me their name was that, I wouldn't even acknowledge it, I would think they're prank calling me or something,” the customer said.

The server taking the order said he double-checked the spelling of Ms Vest's name and wrote it how he was told to spelled, letter by letter. Source: Fox5

The server apologised for writing the slur and claimed he asked the person ordering over the phone to clarify the spelling and he said the racial slur letter by letter, leaving the server feeling uneasy when the man came to collect the order.

"Even him leaving with that order, I kind of felt uncomfortable as well, because we all know that's not a word to throw around,” he told Fox 5.

Ms Vest went to the restaurant on Sunday (local time) and spoke with the restaurant owner.

She received a refund for her order and the owner apologised.

Ms Vest told Fox she still planned to speak with the server who took the order.

“You should know not to use that word at work... I felt disrespected,” Ms Vest said.

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