Woman's 'creepy' find under carpet of home 'where person died'

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A woman has found something quite unsettling under the carpet in her new home, though it appears it may just be a twisted joke.

TikTok user @dontbeanashhole shared a video recently showing off what she found under her carpet.

She explained she wasn't bothered by the fact someone had died in her new home, she mentioned in the comments she had found an obituary which said the person had died peacefully in the home.

However, she was surprised when she ripped up the carpet to expose the floorboards and found the outline of a body.

The crude outline of the body appears to be drawn on the floor with some kind of marker, next to it is a date which reads "01/19/2018" along with "Case #091101".

TikTok footage shows woman finding the outline of a body under her carpet.
A woman found an outline of a body under her carpet in her new home. Source: TikTok/dontbeanashhole

In another clip in the same video, the outline is seen and next to it seems to be some sort of stain all along the wooden floorboards.

"Okay, but this is actually a little creepy," the captions on the video said.

Several people in the comments seemed to think the stains could be related to the death of the person in that house, one person said the stains looked like blood.

"Definitely blood stain," someone said in the comments.

Outline declared a 'joke' after debate online

The original poster did eventually clarify that she thinks the outline of the body was a "joke" drawn on by the homes previous owner as a prank on subsequent owners.

There does appear to be a stain next to the outline, which is apparently a joke. Source: TikTok/dontbeanashhole
There does appear to be a stain next to the outline, which is apparently a joke. Source: TikTok/dontbeanashhole

Many in the comments agreed with her.

Someone who claimed to work with crime scenes said the outline was "fake".

"Someone definitely messed with you guys," they said.

"I know the sharpie was a joke," @dontbeanashhole replied.

"Going to add my outline before I lay the new floor."

Some pointed out that if a person had died there the damage would have been more substantial.

"My house has new flooring in the whole back because someone died. Decomposition is very fast," one person pointed another

Another person suggested she should just sell the home, while someone else suggested the outline or the stain should stay as it is a "conversation starter".

One person said she should get the floor professionally cleaned just in case.

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