'Watching me sleep': Woman's creepy find outside home after posing on OnlyFans

A university student has shared a frightening experience, claiming she was stalked after posting content on adult site OnlyFans.

The anonymous 20-year-old shared her story on Reddit, explaining she finally felt safe enough to speak up after reporting the incidents to police.

The woman said she was staying with her parents over the summer holidays and first felt uneasy after she took her new puppy outside to use the toilet about 2am and spotted a car parked out the front of her house.

“I saw a figure in the car, and could tell they were looking at me, but I couldn’t make out their face because it was pitch black outside,” she wrote.

“Feeling a bit uneasy, I picked up my puppy to take him back inside, and when I started to move, the car parked in my driveway, I sprinted back inside and locked the door, but they never approached my house.”

A file image of a man watching a woman through a window at night.
After watching security camera footage, the woman saw a man watching her sleep through her window for an hour. Source: Getty Images, file

The next morning the woman said she found an envelope inside her letterbox with her OnlyFans username written on it and $20 cash inside.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based content service which is mostly used for sharing adult content, so the woman said she didn’t tell her parents what had happened.

She said she didn’t have any problems with the site until she posted an Amazon wish list on her account.

“Amazon doesn’t release your address to people who gift you items, but third party sellers can... and that’s where I went wrong,” she explained.

A week after the incident, the woman moved back to her college town and stopped posting content on the website, but her stalker tracked her down.

OnlyFans logo
The next morning the woman said she found an envelope inside her letterbox with her OnlyFans username written on it and $20 cash inside. Source: OnlyFans

‘Where the story gets weird’

After the incident she decided to start a YouTube account because OnlyFans felt “unsafe” and she was planning to vlog a shopping trip when her camera was stolen.

“When I got to my car, it had been ransacked and my vlogging camera was missing. I know, it’s my fault for leaving it in my car, but I was using it the night before and since I live in a gated area, I didn’t think I would be unsafe,” the woman wrote.

She explained the camera was out of sight in her glove box and contained an SD card with unreleased photos and videos on it.

“This is where the story gets weird,” she wrote.

‘This person watched me sleep for an hour’

The woman said she asked to see the security cameras monitoring her building and what she saw was truly frightening.

Not only did she see a man break into her car and ignore other cars in the parking lot, but she also had proof she was being targeted.

“After they got the camera, they walked around the duplex until stopping near my window. My bedroom faces an outside street, and my blinds are broken so it’s very easy to see in. I have a curtain, but it doesn’t cover my window all the way.

“This person WATCHED ME SLEEP for an hour or so. I have no idea why they didn’t try to break in, but thank God they didn’t,” she wrote.

The woman explained her camera was later recovered at a second-hand store, but the SD card was missing.

She has since moved and hopes her stalker hasn’t followed her.

“I believe the police are still trying to track them down, but I have broken my lease and moved to a new place, so hopefully that will keep me safe,” the woman wrote.

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