Woman's cup of coffee ruined by 'disgusting' find in Coles milk

A woman says she was left disgusted while making a cup of coffee using a three-litre bottle of Coles milk.

“Just made a coffee and a fly poured out of the brand new milk I literally just opened. Yuck,” the shopper said in a Facebook post along with a photo showing an insect next to a milk bottle.

The Queensland customer said she purchased the bottle of supermarket’s Australian Fresh Lite Milk and made the discovery on Thursday.

Social media users reacted to the post, with most people disgusted by the find.

“I definitely won’t be drinking out of the bottle anymore,” one person responded to the post.

“Bloody disgusting,” another person added.

A Queensland shopper claims she found a fly in her Coles milk. Source: Facebook

One person responded, writing they had been scarred for life.

“I’ve never heard of people getting flies in their milk before but now I’m going to check every carton for the rest of my life,” a Facebook user wrote.

The woman said she had contacted Coles through email to complain about the added ingredient to her milk, but wasn’t happy with their response.

She shared screenshots showing an email from Coles.

According to the email, a Coles representative said they were concerned about the experience and had immediately referred the matter to the National Quality Team who were investigating the matter.

The representative also said while the manufacturing plant was under “a high standard of cleaning and good housekeeping”, they could not use insect sprays due to the risk of residue coming into contact with the product.

They then invited the customer to return to the store with the email she had received to get a “full refund or replacement” for the milk. 

“In short they are passing the buck and are giving me a refund on my milk,” the shopper wrote.

“Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously and have contacted the customer to investigate the matter. As always, we encourage customers to return any item they’re not happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement,” a spokesperson for Coles told Yahoo News Australia.

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