Woman's disturbing find in Airbnb bathroom: 'You're kidding me'

A woman has detailed the horrifying moment she discovered a camera hidden in her Airbnb's bathroom, warning people to be aware of their surroundings in unfamiliar places.

Brittany Walsh, 25, was staying with a friend and her boyfriend in the accommodation when they found the small camera hidden in a phone charger,

Ms Walsh appeared to be staying in Austin, Texas, when she found the camera, sharing her experience in a TikTok video.

The camera was hidden in a phone charger at an Airbnb in Austin, Texas and posted to TikTok.
The camera was hidden in a phone charger at an Airbnb in Austin, Texas. Source: TikTok/ brittany..walsh

"Airbnb's policy on cameras says that they can have a [doorbell camera], but they cannot have anything inside the property," Ms Walsh explained in a follow up TikTok video.

"It's the same as like staying in a hotel —you have an expectation of privacy".

The group reported the camera to the police and a TikTok video showed two police officers in the house investigating the complaint.

Ms Walsh said she doesn't think the host — who was notified when the camera was found — planted it, leading her to believe it was someone else who had regular access to the property.

"I don't think it was a guest unless they left it there," she speculated. "But it had to have been someone that was there all the time because it only recorded to the SD card".

Ms Walsh didn't say if the police investigation has concluded but Airbnb refunded her stay.

Brittany Walsh said they called the police after they found the camera.
The group called the police after they found the camera. Source: TikTok/ brittany..walsh

People 'not surprised' at the discovery

Hundreds of users commenters on the videos, many saying finding a hidden camera is their "biggest fear".

"I literally changed my clothes in a dark Airbnb closet the one time I stayed in one cause of this," one TiKToker commented.

Other users suggested ways to find out who the camera belongs to.

“Put the micro SD card in a computer. The first video should be the person who originally plugged it in,” one user suggested.

Brittany Walsh recounted her experience in a TikTok video.
Brittany Walsh recounted her experience in a TikTok video. Source: TikTok/ brittany..walsh

“A big one is smoke alarms too. Most good cameras you would never find though. There are apps that can scan the Wi-Fi for devices that are cameras,” another said.

Despite her experience, Ms Walsh said she will stay at AirBnB again.

"There also were a lot of people who were [saying] 'that's why I don't stay at Airbnb', but honestly, the chances of you encountering the situation with or without your knowledge is much higher in a public bathroom, or like a dressing room or even a hotel," she explained

"So I think that's dumb. I will definitely stay at Airbnb again".

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