Woman's 'appalling' discovery on her fragile package sent through Australia Post

A Queensland woman has claimed her “fragile” parcel was stepped on and smashed by Australia Post workers. 

Lisa Worlin took to Facebook last week to vent her frustrations and posted three images of the reportedly damaged package. 

“It would be nice if the workers at AusPost could read. Or [are] the words ‘FRAGILE’ like a red rag to a bull,” Ms Worlin said.  

A woman has claimed her “fragile” parcel was stepped on and smashed by Australia Post workers. Source: Facebook

“Smashed the top of the box and damaged the contents. Notice the boot print on the box. To me it looks like they have used my parcel to stand on. 

“Great job Auspost you must be so proud of your workers. Oh and the Express Post took 3 days to get to the buyer who lives less than 100kms away.”

Dozens of Facebook users sided with Ms Worlin, saying the broken parcel was “atrocious, appalling and totally unacceptable.”

“He must have dropped it and stood on it - pathetic,” one woman wrote.

Another woman said her own “fragile” package was smashed last week.

Other social media users said the polystyrene box the packages was sent in isn’t strong enough to protect goods inside. 

Ms Worlin responded that the parcel was “very well packed” with layers of bubble wrap over and under the items.

The package is seen with "fragile" written across it numerous times. Source: Facebook

“The buyer says it looks like someone has stood on it and the boot mark on the side would seem to me that that is correct. Fragile or not they should treat parcels with care,” Ms Worlin said.

‘No response’ to Australia Post complaint

An AusPost spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they “don’t provide media comment on unofficial platforms, or in relation to specific customer issues” before referencing their website. 

“Australia Post will exercise due care and skill in supplying you with our services. However, the nature of postal services is such that circumstances may impact on the successful delivery of your article,” the AusPost’s website reads. 

“Our services are generally suitable for sending items up to $100 in value.

“If your item is valued over $100, you should purchase Extra Cover which provides compensation for loss or damage for up to $5,000 (or $500 for some services).”

Ms Worlin told Yahoo News Australia AusPost had yet to contact her.

“The complaint was put in the same day as my post on Facebook, April 29. The time frame for them to get back to me was 24 to 48hrs,” she said.

“It would seem that AusPost is slack with all its time frames.”

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