How a woman won $1.4m while having lunch

Ash Cant
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A South Australian woman got quite the surprise when she won $1.4 million while dining with her husband.

The woman was with her husband at the Arkaba Hotel in Fullarton, Adelaide when she decided to play Keno, scoring the Spot 10 prize in draw number 119 on Monday.

"We don’t choose our numbers; we just grabbed a QuickPick and then sat down to our meal," she explained to The Lott.

“We weren’t watching the game or checking the numbers until the barman came over to us and let us know we should check our tickets because someone at the venue had won a major prize."

The woman explained she was nervous on hearing the announcement and didn't want to get too excited until it was confirmed.

A woman holding a Keno Quickpick ticket. Source: The Lott
A woman won $1.4 million while enjoying a meal in Adelaide. Source: The Lott

The pub couldn't actually pay out the prize of $1,478,105.70, which is when reality started to sink in for the couple.

“It’s all a bit surreal!” she explained to The Lott.

“It’s crazy! I don’t think my husband believes what happened to us, even though he was there.

Couple will plan how to spend the cash

The woman said the money would be put away for a while, so she and her husband can have some time to think about what they will do with the cash.

“People always talk about what they would do when they win big amounts of money, but when it really happens, it’s hard to make any decisions," she said.

“We don’t want to do anything rash, so we’ll just take a few months to think about it.

“We will hopefully be able to use it towards an overseas holiday sometime next year!”

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