Woman whose naked photos were leaked teaches man a lesson after he tried to exploit her

Krystal Johnson

A Snapchat user who tried to exploit a woman through her leaked iCloud images stupidly sent her unsolicited naked pictures of himself and was taught a very valuable lesson.

Florida blogger Kitty Pryde had intimate photos of herself leaked via iCloud and took to Twitter to get her revenge.

Kitty Pryde became the victim of intimate photos leaked via iCloud without her permission and was contacted by 'Geoffrey', who tried to exploit her. Photo: Twitter

After the X-rated photos were leaked, a random Snapchat user known as ‘Geoffrey’ tried to blackmail Kitty by sending her a picture of his crotch as well as her own leaked images.

Kitty took to her 31,000 Twitter users to vent her frustrations and take revenge on the man who was trying to extort her.

She took a screenshot of the conversation she had with Geoffrey and posted it online along with the caption: “Men are honestly scum lol.”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

The blogger asked the unknown user what the photo was he responded with, “Nudes I thought of you.”

“Oh you mean the ones that were stolen from my iCloud and posted without my permission,” the savvy blogger replied.

Kitty sarcastically requests a “trade,” asking Geoffrey to send another back.

He replied back and requested to know her bra size but froze up when Kitty asked for his last name.

“Oh u [sic] mean like the pics of me with my full name that were stolen from me that u [sic] like looking at,” Kitty replies.

Kitty took revenge and tracked down the Snapchat user's phone number and Twitter handle. Photo: Twitter
But 'Geoffrey' began to backpedal. Photo: Twitter
It is believed Geoffrey sent Kitty the video of him with a drawn on moustache apologising. Photo: Twitter

Geoffrey still persisted and asked the blogger if she likes his pic?

Kitty replied back insulting his manhood and took it upon herself to track him down and find his mobile number and Twitter account.

The savvy woman sent a text message to ‘Geoffrey’ saying: “Sup(sic) dude! Turns out tour last name was on your snapchat(sic) and all I had to do was type it in Facebook to get your number.”

The surprised user replied back asking who it was and Kitty sent a ‘selfie’ along with a message threatening to give him a taste of his own medicine.

“Just getting ready to send that pic of your **** to all your friends and tag you in it on Twitter,” she wrote.

These are the series of tweets Kitty posted after the incident. Photo: Twitter
Kitty Pride has over 33,000 Twitter followers. Photo: Twitter

Once the tables had turned Geoffrey began begging Kitty to not post the photo saying he would do anything to remain anonymous and for her not to post them.

“I’m sorry I made a mistake,” he wrote.

“What can I do to get u (sic) to not post it.”

Kitty made Geoffrey sweat a little and requested him to send her a video of him apologising with a draw-on moustache.

It appears the Snapchat user did send Kitty her the requested humiliation video and the two came to an agreement.

But Kitty did promise future revenge if Geoffrey ever dared to contact or share her information again.