Woman uncovers hundreds of dollars and wild family secret in $7 bag

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A woman opened Pandora's box after purchasing a second-hand designer bag from a charity shop.

The woman bought the pre-loved Coach handbag at a Goodwill store in the US for only $US6.99 ($AU10.35), with the intention of restoring it.

However, it wasn't until the bargain hunter started to clean out the bag that she uncovered a mysterious woman's family secret in the form of a handwritten note.

Woman finds note and cash inside Coach bag on TikTok
A woman opened Pandora’s box after purchasing a designer Coach bag from a Goodwill charity shop for $US6.99 in the US. Source: TikTok/@Marthainfused

"Got this Coach bag at the Goodwill. Wait 'til I tell you what was inside," said the woman in a TikTok video.

Opening the bag to reveal the soiled lining, the woman explained that she planned to "clean it up", starting with the removable base.

"So, I start working on taking this flap out at the bottom of the purse and there is an envelope in there with money," she revealed.

Mystery woman hid children's inheritance inside her favourite things

The TikToker reaches inside the bottom compartment of the bag to reveal an envelope, covered in handwritten scrawl and holding $US300 ($AU445.20) in bank notes.

Unravelling the envelope, the excited woman begins to read the mysterious note written by a woman named Martha.

"I have three children. They will give my things to Goodwill when I die, so I am putting their inheritance inside all my favourite things," she begins.

Inside the note, Martha reveals the origins of the bag, which is enough to make anyone's jaw drop.

Woman retrieves envelope of cash from Coach bag
Inside the Coach bag, the woman found $US 300 cash inside a handwritten note with the bag's origins. Source: TikTok/@Marthainfused

"This Coach bag was given to me years ago by my husband's girlfriend. Well, actually, I came home from a visit from my parent's house in Connecticut. She must have left quickly because she forgot her bag and shoes," she reads.

"I carried this bag every day. I wonder if my husband ever knew this was his girlfriend's?" asks Martha in the note.

She concludes the note by telling the recipient of the note and $300 cash to treat themselves to a new bag.

"I carried it daily and I am giving it away because my kids don't want it, so go buy yourself a new bag, love Martha," she concludes.

'Be a Martha in a world of Karens'

The woman's video, captioned "Check your mother's purses before you donate them to Goodwill!", has amassed over 8.5 million views and 1.8 million likes.

Tens of thousands of users on TikTok flooded the comments with high praise for the "Queen Martha".

"Martha was clearly a badass woman. The fact that she included all the tea along with the cash," commented one user.

Outside Coach store in US
Designer brand Coach were captivated by the story behind Martha's bag. Source: Getty

"One thing about Martha, she's gonna hold a grudge. Even until death," commented a second.

A third wrote: "Be a Martha in a world of Karens."

"The BAG, the STORY, the CASH!! I am here for all of it!" wrote another viewer.

Even Coach, the luxury company behind the bag, was inspired by Martha, commenting: "MARTHA IS AN ICON".

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