Woman tries to open plane door mid-flight during 'medical episode'

Passengers have been forced to restrain a woman after it was alleged she tried to open an exit door mid-flight.

The woman, on board Delta flight 5972, allegedly tried to open the door of the plane shortly after takeoff during a flight from Indianapolis to Detroit.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport spokeswoman Erica Donerson said the woman may have been suffering from a medical issue.

A woman allegedly tried to open a plane door mid-flight from Indianapolis to Detroit shortly after take-off. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Ms Donerson added the woman was restrained until the plane safely landed on Monday about 6.45pm. 

The woman was taken into custody, Ms but Donerson said a preliminary investigation suggests the woman didn’t have criminal intent.  

The FBI said in a statement on Tuesday that it has determined no federal charges will be filed.

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