Woman touched by kind gesture from festival-goer after losing item

The search is on for a Good Samaritan who fished a stranger’s driving licence from inside a public toilet, washed it, and returned it to its owner.

A kind woman named Linda went to use a cubicle at Gourmet Feast in Swan Valley, northeast of Perth, last weekend when she spotted the foreign object in the bowl, according to a post to Facebook.

Before sitting down she removed the item from the firing line, then held onto it to later wash and return to the woman it belonged to.

In a note attached to the licence, she explained the unfortunate situation it card had found itself in.

Toilet bowl pictured after woman fished festival-goers licence out of a public toilet in Perth.
The licence had been abandoned in a toilet bowl at the wine festival. Source: File/Getty Images

“I found this at the Swan Valley Gourmet Festival at Sandalford Winery. It was in the toilet. Literally, I scooped it out of the bowl of the toilet before I went,” the handwritten letter read.

“Fully washed now. Returning so you don’t worry,” she added, signing off as “Linda S” from Ellenbrook.

The grateful owner of the wallet shared a photo of the note to social media hoping to track “Linda S” down.

“Would love to thank this lady for returning my licence, didn’t even realise it was missing until yesterday,” her post on Thursday read.

“Thanks to Linda from Ellenbrook...Sorry you had to fish it out of a toilet bowl ha ha.”

Handwritten letter from Linda S who found licence inside toilet bowl at wine festival in Perth.
Linda S explained how she came to find the woman's licence in a handwritten letter. Source: Facebook

In comments on the post, many people praised Linda for her kind gesture.

“Can't believe she fished it out of the toilet for you,” one person wrote.

“That's a person you need to friend. Literally picks something out of the toilet without even knowing you,” another added.

“Oh yay for Linda. Everyone needs a Linda,” a third person said.

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