Woman to be questioned after violent chisel threat on Sydney train

Kamilia Palu and agencies

A chisel-wielding woman who threatened a man on a Sydney train has been deemed unfit for a police interview until she recovers in hospital.

Police say they are waiting to interview the 19-year-old Waterloo woman, who is being treated for a medical condition, after shocking video of the Boxing Day event emerged online this week showing the woman violently waving a chisel around in clear view of train passengers.

She had allegedly become upset when a man sat in the same row as her on the train heading towards the city on the Bankstown line.

There was still an empty seat between the man and the woman.

Witness Annie Huang, 22, told Fairfax the woman seemed distressed by the man’s decision to sit near her, instead of the empty row of seats in front of her.

The woman walks across a row of chairs to get away from the man who sat next to her. Photo: Fairfax

Miss Huang said the woman started to verbally abuse the man, who was of Chinese descent.

"I started hearing her say very rude things to him, like 'F*** off, don't sit next to me, move somewhere else'," Miss Huang said.

"He wasn't replying, he was just sitting there. She said 'Do you even speak English? Go back to your own country'. That was pretty much the gist of it. By the end of it, she just kept screaming 'Move! Move!"

By the time Miss Huang started recording, the man was fed up with the behavior of the woman.

The video shows him stand up and step towards the woman who then jumps out of her seat and moves down the aisle where she pulls a chisel out from her pants.

The woman holds the chisel in front of her, threatening to stab the man. Photo: Fairfax

“Go on, touch me you dog,” the woman can be heard saying, holding her weapon in front of her.

“I’ll stab you, dog! You don’t come sitting next to women, there’s a seat there you dog,”

A quick-thinking witness grabs the woman to disarm the chisel, while she continues to yell, claiming the man had hit her.

She falls onto a young girl during the commotion who quickly scrambles out of the way.

A witness saves the day by tackling the woman and disarming her. Photo: Fairfax

Miss Huang said she was ‘shocked’ by the incident.

"My mum was sitting next to me, I tried to move my mum [away]. I was really scared, and it was a huge relief when the guy in the singlet grabbed her and pushed her down,” she told Fairfax.

The train stopped at Canterbury station until police and paramedics arrived.

This is certainly not the first instance of bad behaviour to be displayed on a Sydney train.

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