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'That's assault': Woman hurls shoe boxes at worker in 'face mask' spat

A woman has been filmed hurling shoeboxes at a shoe shop employee reportedly because she was asked to follow coronavirus protocol and wear a face mask while shopping.

Staff claimed they asked her several times to leave the Skechers store in Oklahoma City, in the US state of Oklahoma, and return with a face mask on July 8, according to the Sacramento Bee.

But the woman continued shopping and became irate when an employee refused to process her purchase because she was not wearing the face covering.

A Skechers store employee had shoe boxes thrown at her by a shopper in Oklahoma City.
The woman was filmed hurling shoe boxes at an employee of a Skechers store. Source: Storyful

A sign at the front of the shop reportedly states people entering it must wear a face mask as part of a new law introduced allowing businesses to make them a legal condition of entry.

As the woman was making her way to the store’s exit, she was shown grabbing a stack of shoe boxes and throwing them at a staff member, hitting her in the stomach and shoulder.

“That’s assault, ma’am,” the employee was heard saying before following her out to the car and asking the woman filming to capture the shopper’s licence plate.

Oklahoma City police reportedly were told the angry shopper, 56, left her wallet on the counter, which was delivered to police when the staff member filed an official report.

A video still of a shoebox hitting the Skechers worker on the shoulder.
The worker was struck on the shoulder and stomach. Source: Storyful

The video of the outburst was shared to Facebook, with the social media user who shared it shaming the woman involved.

“All we wanted was for her to wear a mask pls share this lol I hope this lady is embarrassed of herself and her actions (sic),” she wrote.

At the time of publication, the video had been shared nearly 150 times and attracted comments from similarly outraged members of the public.

“I’m so tired of these entitled a**holes thinking they can treat retail and service industry workers like this,” one person wrote.

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