Truckie's generous actions for woman left stranded in outback with flat tyre

A young woman who was stranded in the outback with a flat tyre has thanked the kind stranger who stopped to help her.

English backpacker Emma Collishaw, 23, was driving solo from Darwin to Townsville when her back tyre blew stranding her in the outback.

Ms Collishaw was stranded in 40C heat near Mt Isa in west Queensland and was 300 kilometres way from the nearest petrol station with no phone signal.

“I think at first I was quite shocked by the state of my tyre,” Ms Collishaw told Yahoo7.

She tried to change her tyre but was unable to loosen tight wheel nuts and decided to ask a passerby for help.

Emma Collishaw was driving alone in 40 degree heat when her tyre burst near Mt Isa, west Queensland. Source: Facebook/Emma Collishaw

“I tried to flag down a couple of people and they just drove straight past,” she said.

Eventually, truck driver Jason Freyling pulled over and changed the backpacker’s tyre while serving her cold drinks from his truck’s fridge.

The pair later met in Mt Isa and the generous truck driver bought Ms Collishaw two new tyres,  a KFC dinner and one night’s accommodation in a motel.

“I did not expect that at all,” Ms Collishaw said.

“I was extremely grateful for what he did.

Emma Collishaw (left) was stunned by Jason Freyling’s (right) kind acts. Source: Facebook/Emma Collishaw

“He was adamant he just wanted to help.

“He wouldn’t take anything, I think he just enjoyed the company.

“It just shows that there is still good people in the world.”

Ms Collishaw posted her story on Facebook and it has received over 2,000 reactions at the time of publication.

Ms Collishaw (pictured) made it to town with truck driver Mr Freyling’s help. Source: Facebook/Emma Collishaw

“Stuff that legends are made of! Good onya Jason!” one Facebook user wrote.

“What an awesome guy,” another Facebook user commented.

“Good work mate 100% fair dinkum Aussie,” another said.