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Woman tells men when it’s inappropriate to propose to their girlfriends: ‘This is not the time’

A tweet listing inappropriate times for men to pop the question to their girlfriends sparked a big debate regarding proper marriage proposal etiquette.

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Twitter user Racquel Gates (@racquelgates) is an associate professor of film at Columbia University who recently tweeted a list of ill-chosen moments for men to propose to their girlfriends, and the internet had some pretty interesting responses regarding appropriate proposal protocol.

“Men, if your girlfriend is finishing a marathon, accepting an award, walking the runway to close out the collection that she designed, or taking a moment to celebrate any big individual accomplishment that she worked hard for — this is not the time to propose to her,” Gates tweeted.

Additionally, Gates had some advice for the girlfriends in this scenario.

“Also, women — if your man does this, break up with him,” she implored in a tweet threaded to the original.

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Gates’ tweet sparked a heated debate among Twitter users, with many people tweeting in support of the statement.

“Totally agree and add to the list that Christmas is not the time to propose. Getting engaged is not your gift to her,” one person noted.

“Like we are celebrating ME. It’s not an us day. Don’t make my accomplishments about you,” someone tweeted.

“I saw a man do this at the end of the Louisville marathon right BEFORE the finish line! He screwed up her time! He couldn’t wait another 50 feet?” one person recalled.

Other Twitter users spoke out against public proposals in general.

“Also, public proposals are weird and gross. It forces [people] to say yes,” one individual decreed.

“I never understood proposing in front of a bunch of people. It would be such a magical, personal moment. Why share it?” questioned one Twitter user.

Others didn’t see the issue with these ways of popping the question, while many didn’t see the point of marriage proposals altogether.

“Or just do what works for you, and your partner can choose to say yes or no,” one person suggested.

“It’s 2022. Does [a man] even still have to be the one to propose? Do we have to have proposals? Shouldn’t it just be a joint caring discussion?” pondered another Twitter user.

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