Woman takes legal action against Lime scooters after breaking nose

A young Adelaide woman is suing Lime Scooters, claiming a malfunctioning brake left her with a broken nose.

Ashlei-Jane Lee, 21, was riding the scooter near the River Torrens on Friday night when she had an accident.

“The scooter just halted and I just flew,” Ms Lee said.

“I didn’t have anywhere to go besides face-first into the cement.”

Ashlei-Jane Lee, 21, of Adelaide, is suing Lime Scooters, claiming she was sent flying over the handlebars and broke her nose due to a glitch. Source: 7 News

The 21-year-old said the scooter “just fully locked” despite the fact her finger was on the “go button” and the brakes weren’t being touched.

Ms Lee believes the crash was caused by the same software glitch that’s seen the scooters banned in New Zealand after 150 cases where they suddenly stopped.

Five hundred scooters were granted a four-week permit during the Adelaide Fringe festival after Lime claimed it would fix the issue in Australia.

However, there were also two crashes in Queensland over the weekend.

Ms Lee with her mother Lana Harrington. Ms Harrington wants Lime Scooters off the streets. Source: 7 News

Tim Downie of Johnson Withers Lawyers said if Lime is aware there is a problem, hasn’t made it public or hasn’t taken enough action then “certainly there’s a claim”.

The state government said Ms Lee’s injury is the first reported from 18,000 trips since the trial began and council intends to allow Lime to complete its four-week stint.

Lime said it is investigating and has liability insurance to cover riders.

Ms Lee’s mother Lana Farrington said she wanted the scooters off the streets.

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