Woman suffers severe skin infection after body waxing

A woman has suffered a horrifying reaction to a routine body wax which left her covered in sores and with her hair falling out.

Jessica Curran, from Auckland in New Zealand, was rushed to hospital on Sunday after a severe skin infection took hold of her body.

In February, Ms Curran had hair waxed from her legs, bikini and face but unlike previous times, she began developing small red lumps on her legs.  

She initially believed the reaction was down to ingrown hairs but as the lumps began to grow and multiplied, she visited her doctor and was prescribed antibiotics.

Jessica Curran (centre) was left covered in sores and abscesses after an adverse reaction to a routine body wax. Source: Facebook/ Jessikah Curran

But the lumps worsened, developing into sores and abscesses and spread over her legs and also onto her face and scalp.

Her hair began to fall out and she lost her eyebrows to scarring. For four months on, she took a series of different antibiotics to no avail. 

On Sunday, her body succumbed to the infection and left her face severely swollen and unable to see out of one eye.

On Sunday her face became so swollen she was unable to see out of one eye. Source: GiveALittle

Ms Curran’s mother, Petrina, created a GiveALittle fundraising page to detail her daughter’s harrowing ordeal and raise vital funds while she receives hospital treatment.

“My daughter’s a mess… she is devastated,” she wrote online.

Doctors at Middlemore Hospital were forced to shave her hair off completely to allow abscesses on her scalp to drain.

The tattoo artist’s mother has created a fundraising page to help cover her daughter’s medical costs and to buy her a wig while her hair grows back. Source: Facebook/ Jessikah Curran

Ms Curran took to Facebook to explain her shattering experience that has left her “extremely unwell and looking “far from human”.

“Even if I recover well, I’ll still have permanent scarring and significant hair loss indefinitely, which is really shattering my confidence,” she wrote.

The tattoo artist revealed despite now being on the mend, her injuries would keep her from working for at least four weeks.

She has asked for help to “get through the next month of recovery” and with living-related expenses she’s “unable to manage”.

Her mother is also using the funds raised to buy her daughter a wig while her hair eventually grows back.