Woman suffers burns after Kmart candle 'goes up in flames'

A woman has issued a warning about using tea light candles after hers went up in flames, leaving her with severe burns on her hands.

Samantha Berry purchased the Kmart candles and intended to use them in a wax burner she already owned.

However, less than five minutes after placing the candles in the holder, she found the inside of the holder was on fire with flames coming out of the sides.

A photo of Ms Berry's burns on her hand from the Kmart candle catching fire (hand is covered in ointment).
Ms Berry suffered burns from the Kmart candle and had to go to the hospital. Source: Samantha Berry

"Be so careful when using candles," she wrote in a private Facebook group, along with photos showing her injured hand and burned wax holder.

"So lucky I caught it in time!"

Tea light candle caught fire after five minutes

Ms Berry had ordered the 48 pack of Tealight candles from Kmart, telling Yahoo News Australia it was the first time she had ordered them.

"I had just run out of my previous tealights so was excited to get my wax burner going," she explained.

"My wax burner is one from Dusk and had been used before without incident, and the wax melt that was in the top had also been used many times."

Photo of the wax burner covered in wax in the sink.
The wax burner caught fire after five minutes. Source: Samantha Berry

Ms Berry said the tealight worked fine at first, but five minutes later she looked over and noticed there were flames coming out the sides of the burner.

"I immediately ran over and tried to smother the burner with a tea towel and lifted it to move into the sink to put the flames out," she said. "During this process, I have suffered burns to my right hand, which has required medical treatment."

A photo of the 48 pack of tea light candles.
Ms Berry purchased the 48-pack of tealight candles. Source: Samantha Berry

"I have since been in contact with Kmart and they are in the process of investigation and have refunded my $2.50," she said, adding it was "ridiculous."

Concerned comments flooded the post, many saying they use the same candles and will now be careful when burning them.

"I use those tea lights for my wax melts," one woman wrote. "Far out."

"I’ve had to put out so many tea light candles that “catch fire” when working in day spas," chimed in another. "It’s definitely scary and not expected. Your poor hand looks so sore".

Some users said the wax burner could be to blame, urging everyone to keep an eye on candles in the home.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Kmart Australia and Dusk for comment.

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