Woman stunned to discover 'monster' living in her ear

'My ear was bleeding and they could only see the monster's little legs,' the horrified woman said on a video clip.

A woman has shared the horrifying moment doctors discovered a moth living in her ear.

Iris Novau Díaz recently visited her local hospital after noticing blood coming from her earhole. Footage shows a physician examining her before delving in with a pair of tweezers.

Iris Novau Díaz in hospital as the doctor pulls a moth out of her ear. Iris in a bikini and smiling.
Iris Novau Díaz was horrified when a doctor pulled a moth from her ear. Source: Jam Press

After several minutes and what appear to be a few attempts, Iris screams in pain as the doctor slowly pulls a decent-sized moth out of her ear. The offending insect is then held up to the camera.

"When a bug decides to live in your ear," she captioned the video posted on social media. "My ear was bleeding and they could only see the monster's little legs.

"I'm at the point of crying because I suddenly realised what a disgrace I am. The producers of my life always have one more floor for the basement of my failure," Iris, who lives in Catalonia, Spain, joked.

A close up of the moth that lived in Iris's ear. Iris wearing a white top and sunglasses.
Iris screamed in pain as the physician removed it. Source: Jam Press

Social media reacts to moth 'monster'

The clip has attracted a lot of attention from squeamish viewers, one of which declared they would constantly "live in fear" if the same thing had happened to them.

"Wow. My God, that's why I panic so much when I see them," another person wrote. "Oh God, another fear unlocked," someone else declared.

"I would have 20 heart attacks," a third person added.

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