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Woman stuck living with blind date after snap lockdown in China

A woman has been stuck with a man she barely knows after a snap lockdown in China forced the two to isolate together.

On January 6, a woman known only by her last name, Wang, went on a blind date at a man's home in Zhengzhou, in central China.

However, while she had a home-cooked meal with the man, the whole neighbourhood went into a lockdown.

"Just after I arrived in Zhengzhou there was an outbreak and his community was put under lockdown, and I could not leave," Wang told The Paper, according to CBS News.

"I'm getting old now, my family introduced me to ten matches... The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me over to his house for dinner."

Wang is pictured stuck in lockdown with her blind date in China.
Wang was stuck in lockdown with her blind date in China. Source: douyin/Wang Yi in Guangzhou

Wang had been in Zhengzhou for a few weeks to meet up with the matches her family had set her up with.

She was forced to stay at her date's house for days while the city was in lockdown, CNN reported.

But her unusual lockdown situation became a viral sensation on China's social media and she shared videos of her date around his home while the two isolated.

Did romance blossom during lockdown?

And while Wang was appreciative of her date continuing to cook every night for her the two didn't exactly hit it off.

She said it was "not ideal", adding he didn't speak to her much.

Wang reportedly told The Paper the man's food was "mediocre", but she said it was "great" he was still willing to cook for her, CBS News reported.

Pictured is Wang's date serving her food.
The man Wang had a blind date with has been cooking for her in lockdown. Source: douyin/Wang Yi in Guangzhou

China continuing to strive for Covid-zero

China has been striving for Covid-zero and snap local lockdowns are not uncommon amid the global pandemic.

Zhengzhou ordered 13 million people to get tested for Covid-19 after the cases were identified in early January.

People were not allowed to leave the town if they were in "risky" areas without approval from authorities, Reuters reported.

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