Woman spots creepy detail in change room

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A woman has filmed a terrifying encounter she had with a man while in a store’s changing room.

Macey, who goes by ‘maceyyall’ on TikTok, uploaded a disturbing video to the platform, which shows a man using his phone to record her while she was in a change room at a clothing store.

“A man attempting to record me in the dressing room,” she wrote on TikTok.

In the video, Macey zooms in to show someone standing outside her changing room. On closer inspection, a phone can be seen between their feet, pointing directly at Macey through the gap of the cubicle.

A man was caught filming a young woman from under a change room door. Source: TikTok/maceyyall
A man was caught filming a young woman from under a change room door. Source: TikTok/maceyyall

The video was uploaded earlier in November and it has been reported the incident took place in a Forever 21 store.

Macey has now turned off the comments on that particular video, though she did ask people to “be safe out there”.

While the video is still on the platform, another clip shared by Macey suggested TikTok did temporarily remove it for violating community guidelines.

However, people have now flooded the comments of her other videos, many of them saying they were sorry she was now subject to abuse and allegations the video was “staged”.

“The video is NOT staged at all,” Macey said in the comments of one of her videos where the comments. are not turned off.

“I turned off the comments because people can be VERY MEAN.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you and that people are so mean,” one person said in another one of Macey’s videos.

“I hope your [sic] doing alright.”

“People need to understand that just because it didn’t happen to them, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen at all,” another person wrote.

Other people were trolling Macey’s comment section, saying they had “respect” for the person who was busted filming her.

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