Woman, 23, 'spits on police' after refusing to wear mask on plane

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A woman from Florida has been arrested after she allegedly refused to wear a face mask on a flight and was caught spitting at other passengers.

Adelaide Schrowang, 23, was ordered to leave the Delta Airlines flight but refused, resulting in the police being called and forcibly removing her.

Staff on the flight said Schrowang grew disruptive as the plane sat at the gate at Southwest Florida International Airport and was arguing with flight attendants, refusing to put on a mask and spitting at other passengers on board. 

Adelaide Schrowang was arrested after refusing to wear a  mask on a flight. Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office via WWSB
Adelaide Schrowang was arrested after refusing to wear a mask on a flight. Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office via WWSB

Woman argues with police over not wearing a mask

In footage uploaded to Twitter, one officer is seen telling Schrowang he’s going to ask her “one more time” to put on a mask or he will arrest her.

"Here’s what’s happening, we're going to deplane the aircraft, I’m going to take you off the plane," he says.

"As soon as they de-plane you're going to jail," the officer was heard saying to her, after she refused to comply.

Schrowang then argues the officer told her if she got off the plane willingly she wouldn’t be arrested and that the cop should ‘honour that’.

"We’re trying not to arrest you" he replied, with the 23-year-old responding, "You’re not respecting my human rights". 

Schrowang was eventually forced off the plane after the officer grabbed her arms and move her towards the exit.

According to WWSB, she "remained disruptive "while being transported to jail and during the booking process, and was charged with resisting an officer, trespassing and interference with aircraft operations. She remained in custody Friday morning under a US$65,000 (A$86,900) bond.

All passengers to wear a mask on US flights

In the USA, the Transportation Security Administration requires all passengers to wear a face mask on flights until September 2021.

As per their website, the TSA required that "all airport operators, aircraft operators, foreign air carriers and surface transportation owners and operators ensure that all workers and passengers wear face masks indoors to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and facilitate healthy and secure travel."

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