Woman slams wedding guest's 'inappropriate' dress

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
A woman has slammed a wedding guest over how short her dress was. Photo: Getty Images

A woman has taken to Facebook to shame a wedding guest for how short her dress was - but ended up being slammed for being ‘jealous’ and ‘salty af’.

“A friend's sister got married at the courthouse today, she looked lovely and they have a nice relationship, but I'm shaming the absurdly short dress of the girl on the far left (blue head),” the woman wrote.

She accompanied her comments with a photo showing a group of wedding guests posting front of a swing set.

“You can totally see all the way up to her underwear. I think it's inappropriate,” she continued.

“Also, the picture quality and location and composition in general.”

The woman posted a photo of the group to Facebook and circled the woman she thought was wearing an 'inappropriate' dress. Photo: Getty Images

While a lot of commenters couldn’t understand why the wedding guests would pose in front of the swing set, they were more concerned about the woman’s remarks.

“She just has long legs... what did she do to you?,” one person said, saying that’s it’s obvious the woman has a problem with the blue-headed girl in the snap.

“I had to get my magnifying glass and even then I couldn’t see it. I did however find trillions of specks of white crystal, which under analysis proved to be salt straight from your dead heart,” another person said.

Another person said the woman was just ‘salty af’ and others said the woman’s dress isn’t even that short in the first place.

“Well yeah it's short, but her underwear definitely isn't showing so it's all good,” a commenter said.

Turns out weddings are just as stressful for guests as they are for brides and grooms.

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