Woman slammed over ‘foolish’ high-rise balcony stunt

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A woman has been slammed for a “foolish” stunt during a photo shoot on a high-rise balcony on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Video obtained by Nine News shows a woman precariously clinging to the outside railing of the balcony while she is suspended over nothing but thin air.

As the woman bends her legs while she holds herself up, a friend is seen standing on the balcony taking photos.

A red circle around a woman shows her clinging on to a high-rise balcony railing.
The woman is seen with her legs bent while clinging to the balcony railing. Source: Nine News

Shocked onlookers told Nine News she was on the eleventh floor of the resort when she climbed over the railing.

In the video of the ordeal a man filming can be heard saying, “this is f***ing dumb, isn’t it?”.

At one point the woman even holds on to the railing with just one hand.

A man who filmed part of the four-minute ordeal told Nine News the “next photo might have been her on the ground”.

“I just thought one slip and she’s gone,” he said.

Police say woman could face charges

Sunshine Coast Superintendent Craig Hawkins told reporters the woman hanging over the balcony and the friend taking photos could both face charges over what he described as “foolish” behaviour.

“They are putting their lives at risk for something as trivial as a photograph,” he said.

“I can't impress strongly enough how foolish this behaviour is.

“For me, I just cannot comprehend why a young person, or any person, would be putting their lives at risk for anything as trivial as that.

“These are people that can and should be put before a magistrate.”

A woman holds out one of her arms while using the other to cling to the outside of a balcony railing.
The woman's behaviour has been described as foolish. Source: Nine News

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