Woman slammed for inappropriately touching Disney character at theme park

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A video capturing a Disney employee telling a woman to stop touching him has resurfaced on TikTok, prompting outrage among users.

TikTok user Evan Snead shared a video of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast breaking character in response to a woman repeatedly touching his chest.

In the clip, which is captioned: “Girl harasses Gaston and he (rightfully) forces her to LEAVE,” a woman can be seen standing next to the Disney employee and placing both her hands on his chest, despite the man in costume asking her not to.

Woman was slammed online for repeatedly touching the Disney employee. Source: TikTok
Woman was slammed online for repeatedly touching the Disney employee. Source: TikTok

She continued to touch his chest

The employee tells her: “you’re out, now" as the woman continues to stand next to him, trying to touch him.

He then can be heard raising his voice and telling her to go.

“Leave. Leave. You’re done,” he is heard telling the guest as he guided her away, adding: “There’s children!”

After playing the clip in the TikTok, which is from 2015, Mr Snead appeared on the video urging viewers not to "be that person".

"He was every bit in the right to do that," he said.

“And, just so you know, if you do harass the characters like that, more often than not, they are not going to play into it. They are not going to think it’s cute.”

“If you do not want a stranger going up to you, in public, at your place of work, and putting their hands all over you, then don’t do it to the characters.”

“The characters want you to have a great time, and enjoy meeting them, but it is their place of work. It is a family place of business,” Mr Snead said, adding that the characters are “also people” and should not be subjected to “uncomfortable touching".

The video has been viewed over 12 million times, with many users praising the Disney employee for standing up for himself, 

"Nobody should be touched without permission," one user wrote. "That Gaston is an absolute king for how he handled that situation.”

“As a character performer, please don’t do things like this!" one user agreed. "And another big thing is please don’t let your children run up hitting us and stuff!”

However, some people thought he "over acted," writing: “he just had to ruin her fun,” while another said: "You can educate someone without having to embarrass them". 

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