Woman slammed for divisive act on plane: 'Selfishness'

A person has captured a woman painting her nails on a plane, with many slamming the act as "inconsiderate".

The annoyed passenger on a UK flight posted a photo of the woman on Reddit.

"This woman painting her nails on a 3 hour plane journey," the caption read.

A photo of a woman painting her nails on a plane, next to a photo of a plane flying.
A woman on a flight in the UK has been shaded for painting her nails on the plane. Source: Reddit/tazdoestheinternet and Getty.

"Every half hour she'd open it up and apply a new coat," the person continued in the comments.

"My brother, who has special needs and is very sensitive to smells, was with me and was close to vomiting."

One user said they should've politely asked her to stop, but the passenger revealed she had been asked several times and continued anyway.

"The flight attendant asked her after four of us asked her to stop and she didn't, because by the time the FA got involved she was doing the top coat," they said in the comments.

"She put on 4 separate coats over 3 hours, so every time the smell would fade a bit, it would dominate again when she opened the bottle.

People react to woman painting her nails on flight

Many people were shocked at how inconsiderate the woman was being, with one person labelling the act as "self entitlement to an extreme degree".

"My brain can't comprehend this level of entitlement and selfishness," said another.

"As a migraine sufferer I’d be in PAIN" a third person said.

Though some didn't see what the issue was.

"Still don't personally see the big deal, but I'm not particularly sensitive to chemicals scents," one person said.

Others also highlighted the danger of painting your nails on a flight.

"My former head of department had an allergy to formaldehyde fumes, which a lot of drugstore brands of nail polish contain," one person said.

"She needed an epipen for it and had to be removed to open air whenever she caught so much as a whiff of it."

"Happened on a flight I was on; flight attendant came over and shut that down within a minute for degrading the air quality," said another.

Many questioned how a flammable item like nail polish and nail polish remover are allowed on a plane, with the person who posted the image confirming they're allowed in carry-on luggage "if under 100 ml in UK".

"It's also available through duty free before boarding," they continued.

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