'No remorse': Woman confronts owner after dog left in hot car

A woman has filmed a confrontation with a dog owner, saying she rescued the dog that was left inside a hot car for more than 40 minutes while the owner went shopping.

Sintich Kat said she was about to leave a shopping centre car park in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada when she noticed a couple walk away from her car and into the shops, leaving a dog inside the vehicle.

"I didn't want to jump to conclusions so I decided to just sit in my car for a few minutes to see how long they took to come out," wrote Ms Kat in a social media post.

After 10 minutes had passed Ms Kat said she called the local animal protection society but there was no answer, so she decided to call the police.

"They said that it is so busy that chances are they wouldn't get up there in time,” Ms Kat wrote.

Sintich Kat confronts a dog owners for leaving her dog in a car on a hot day
Sintich Kat said she saw the car owners leave the dog in the car and confronted them after they came back almost an hour later from shopping. Source: Sintich Kat via Storyful

The concerned woman finally had success calling a local locksmith, who she said arrived within 10 minutes and offered to unlock the car and free the dog for no charge.

During the incident Ms Kat said other people approached the car and attempted to help.

“An elderly lady was parked on the other side of the vehicle and had been wondering around the vehicle talking to the dog through the window. She tried to have the family paged back to their car but they never came out,” Ms Kat wrote.

Ms Kat said after 40 minutes the locksmith and bystanders were able to help her remove the dog and place the pup into her car.

“The dog was so happy. I put him into my vehicle asap with air conditioning on! Waited for the owners to show up,” she wrote.

Ms Kat said the dog owners arrived back at the car almost an hour after they had left and didn’t seem to realise the dog was missing.

After returning the dog and explaining what had taken place in their absence, Ms Kat said the owner showed “no remorse” and was rude to her.

“The woman was very defensive, rude and sarcastic… Clearly had NO REMORSE for her animal. I decided to video her to show how these people just don’t get it and don’t care,” she wrote.

Sintich Kat shows the temperature at the time she spotted a dog locked in a hot car.
Sintich Kat said she used an app to see how hot it would be in the car where the dog was before she was able to free him. Source: Facebook Sintich Kat

In the footage uploaded to Facebook, Ms Kat attempts to address the situation with the driver and asks her if she’s embarrassed that she left her dog in a hot car.

“Yes, I am fully aware that the dog was in the vehicle... We left him in here. He was in here for 40 minutes,” the woman says.

“It was longer than 40 minutes. Definitely longer. And how hot is it out?” Ms Kat asks.

“It’s 28 degrees,” the other woman responds.

After more back and forth, the woman gives Ms Kat the middle fingers and drives away.

Ms Kat said she reported the incident to a local animal cruelty hotline who said a constable would attempt to contact the dog owners to discuss the matter with them.

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