Woman shocked by condition of lost bag returned by airline: 'Slightly eaten'

A furious traveller has hit out at an airline after it returned a lost bag with her clothes completely ruined.

Casey Dubyk took an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Calgary on September 26 when things started to go disastrously wrong.

Sharing a video on TikTok, Ms Dubyk reveals the airline lost her bag but she was grateful to have her clothes back after they delivered her luggage to her hotel room.

The woman however was shocked to discover her bag was ripped, while her clothes were dirty and completely torn. The incident left her in tears.

Casey Dubyk with her ripped bag (left) while she cries in a TikTok (right) after an Air Canada flight.
Casey Dubyk was devastated to find all her clothes had been ruined after an Air Canada flight. Source: TikTok

"This is how my bag was delivered to me ... literally in shambles," she said as she showed off her bag in tatters.

She then held up a dress she was meant to wear to a gala this weekend torn to shreds, before adding her bras were "burnt".

Ms Dubyk explained her luggage was supposed to be carry-on but as she was going through the security check she was told she had too many liquids in her bag.

The woman said she had filed a claim but had not heard anything from the airline about whether or not she would be compensated.

TikTokers hit out at airline

In her video, Ms Dubyk said some airline baggage handlers had commented saying it looked like the bag had got caught in a conveyor belt and dragged.

People on the social media platform shocked by the state of Ms Dubyk's luggage also shared theories as to what caused such irreparable damage.

"My guess is the strap on the bag got caught in the conveyor belt and it got 'slightly' eaten," one suggested.

"This looks more like it fell under the baggage trolley's rear wheels and the driver didn't notice for several hundred feet," another said.

"Did it go through the engine?? What the hell??" a third commented.

Casey Dubyk wears a ripped dress.
Casey Dubyk shows off a dress she found torn in her luggage. Source: TikTok

Others slammed the airline for delivering the bag to Ms Dubyk in such poor condition.

"For such an expensive service like flying, the least they can do is deliver something not destroyed," a follower said.

"How the heck! That's not just lost, that was shredded," another shocked TikToker wrote.

I hope they give you money back to repurchase new stuff," somebody else said.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Air Canada for comment.

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