'Are you serious?': Woman shocked by pregnancy news while expecting twins

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A woman pregnant with twins has shared the shocking moment she found out she is also pregnant with a third baby and is now having triplets.

The US woman, who uses the TikTok handle @TheBlondeBunny1, explained that she first fell pregnant with twins but then conceived a third child just over a week later.

A video shows her OBGYN telling her she has “three babies”.

“Are you serious?” a man offscreen says.

She says: “Oh my God”.

“This is an April Fool’s joke, right?” the man says.

A pregnant woman is pictured.
This woman somehow became pregnant while already being pregnant. Source: TikTok/ @TheBlondeBunny1

As she later explains, the couple “knew it was two separate pregnancies”.

“When you ovulate, you ovulate for 24 hours and sperm can live in your body for up to three to five days.

“So our first two babies are 10 and 11 days older than our third baby.”

She adds the pregnancy is a case of superfetation and all three babies are fine. Ultrasounds have also confirmed the superfetation.

An ultrasound shows a woman pregnant with triplets.
The woman became pregnant again via a process known as superfetation. Source: TikTok/@TheBlondeBunny1

What is superfetation?

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, who hosts a science talkback radio program for ABC’s triple j wrote in 2017, superfetation in humans is “possible, but it's very uncommon”.

He added there are a number of barriers which normally stop this from occurring including hormonal changes after a woman becomes pregnant.

“Even so, some animal species manage to get around all these barriers,” he wrote.

“About one to two per cent of all pregnant cows show signs of being potentially fertile while they are already pregnant, and superfetation has been observed in animals such as the mouse, the rabbit, the sheep, the buffalo, the mink, and the Australian swamp wallaby.”

A famous case of superfetation occurred in November 2017 when mum Jessica Allen from the US conceived two children after acting as a surrogate for a Chinese couple.

The couple took both the children however, Ms Allen realised one of kids was hers and she had become pregnant during the surrogate pregnancy.

She eventually got her son back.

Mum of unexpected triplets ‘focused’ and ‘excited’

As for @TheBlondeBunny1, who says her partner has jokingly nicknamed “party of four”, she’s “so excited” at the thought of having triplets.

“First time parents and three are coming,” she says.

“We’re so excited and we are so invested. Everything we do I feel now is just so focused on doing the best we can for these three little beans coming.”

She is yet to reveal the genders of the three babies.

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