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Woman shares understated side effect of having wisdom teeth removed: ‘Y’all are scaring me’

Getting wisdom teeth taken out is widely considered to be a painful experience. People have long posted videos of them online following the procedure being affected by the pain medication, recovering from the process and even doing what they can to prevent discomfort.

Kaili (@kaisbubbletea) recently had her wisdom teeth taken out and posted a video about an unexpected side effect.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, it normally takes three to four days to recover from wisdom teeth removal. However, it could take your gums several weeks to return to form — which aligns with what she was describing in the video.

“You don’t realize how deep that the holes the wisdom teeth… they’re so f******* deep,” she said.

She then showed herself touching her teeth with her tongue, which was something she hadn’t been able to do the day before.

“While I was recovering, I was getting sick,” she noted. “It turns out there was food f****** rotting in the holes.”

To get the food out, she used a water flosser to spray the excess out.

“When I tell you a full course meal just f****** flooded out my mouth,” she said. “It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen and smelled.”

Kaili was able to dislodge the leftovers from her teeth, but her method isn’t the appropriate way according to the some dental officials.

The Nova Scotia Health Authority says that if food gets stuck in the wisdom teeth holes, patients should rinse gently with saltwater and let the water fall out instead of forcefully spitting it out.

With @kaisbubbletea’s testimony, some TikTokers suddenly became nervous of getting this procedure done.

“Y’all are scaring me,” said @cosypaper.

“Getting my wisdom teeth out is actually my biggest fear don’t tell me this,” replied @gaysidewalk.

Even after getting the food out, there were still recovery steps left for Kaili to take.

“Now, because I took all the food out, …my jaw is throbbing.”

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