Woman shares hilarious online shopping fail

A shopaholic has shared the hilarious moment she had an online shopping fail which left her with a much more ‘explicit’ dress than she had intended.

Paige Gardner claims she was browsing on fashion website ‘In the Style’ in hope of buying a new outfit for a night out with her friends.

After spending $45 on the khaki dress, the 23-year-old, from Wales, couldn’t wait to show it off to her friends over messenger once it arrived in the post.

“I was going to wear it to go to Cardiff for the weekend for a night out with my girlfriends and wanted to wear that,” Paige said.

“As soon as I put it on, I knew I definitely wasn’t going to be wearing it anywhere in public – no amount of boob tape could save that.”

Paige shared this hilarious wardrobe fail. Photo: Caters News

When the dress finally arrived, Paige was left horrified when she tried it on.

Sharing her disappointment, Paige posted an image of her breasts hanging out from the hole in the dress where your stomach is meant to be, leaving her exposed to the world.

“My first reaction as soon as I put the dress on was, ‘christ, look at my nipples’,” she said.

“It definitely wasn’t as fitted as I thought it was going to be.”

Despite the major wardrobe failure, Paige explains that she would still purchase from the website but in future wouldn’t compare herself to the models showing off the outfits.

This is what the dress looked like online. Photo: Caters News/In The Style

“Even though it was an embarrassing wardrobe failure, I think it is hilarious,” she said.

“My friends who have seen the photo think I’m an absolute legend, but I’m not sure my family would react the same!

A spokesperson said it goes back to the problem of one dress not being suitable for everyone.

“We have seen the pictures that our customer took and can say it’s the age-old problem of never being able to find that one dress that suits everyone,” the spokesperson said.

“Even those who design the clothes have suffered our fair share of fashion faux pas and fallen victim to more than the occasional dress not fitting our shape when it looks great on the model.

“We have continued in our endeavours to cater to everyone since our conception and have introduced tall lines, curve and will be introducing petite in the coming weeks so we can make sure all girls no matter their shape or size will be able to get something from [the site] they will feel fabulous in.”

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