Woman says she was kicked out of a restaurant for being ‘underdressed’

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A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing a story about how she got kicked out of a restaurant for being “underdressed.”

In a recent video posted by @willowstreedarko, the TikTok user shows a couple sitting near her at a restaurant who were then moved to a different table. The woman believed the man in the couple had been staring at her prior to their switching tables and noted that “multiple white women” would go on to report her outfit to the staff before an employee asked her to leave.

“This was [the employee’s] excuse the first time: you go to the bathroom,” she explained. “I’ve been here for two hours drinking bottomless mimosas… I thought that everybody went to the bathroom.”

She said that she was “upset” at first when she got kicked out, as she’s been a valued customer at the restaurant.

“I’ve been to that place multiple times, and I tip very well,” she explained. “And he goes, ‘yes we see you all the time, you take good care of us.’ So you’re kicking me out because somebody cried wolf?”

However, she then joked that getting kicked out for being “too sexy” was a “flex”, before sharing a photo of her outfit, which consisted of a black shirt, plaid skirt,

In a follow-up video, which included a snippet of her conversation with the employee at the restaurant who told her to leave, viewers can hear the employee tell the woman that guests had apparently complained about her outfit and claimed to staff that she was getting up from her table too frequently.


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As she directed her camera towards the table, she could be heard asking the employee what she did wrong, after he told her that “multiple guests complained” about her. In response, he told her she was “very underdressed” for their “family establishment.”

She then told him how it was “wrong” of him to kick her out and that “just because people are insecure, [she] shouldn’t have to leave [the] establishment”.

As she called him out for being racist towards her, since she’d been sitting at her table the “whole time,” the employee chimed in and continued saying that he saw her “walk by several times”.


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“So what you’re saying to me is people around me are mad,” she says in the video. She then told him how “wrong” it was of him to kick her out and that she would be reporting him.

She also emphasised that she had tipped her server nicely and been a good customer. In response, the employee said: “Sometimes you just need to wear more clothes, instead.” He also recommended that she wear pants or something that would “cover up [her] a**”.

As of 21 June, both TikTok videos have almost 300,000 views combined. In the comments of her second video, the woman revealed that the incident happened at the Great Divide Brewery and Roadhouse in Castle Rock, Colorado and noted how the restaurant hadn’t didn’t have a dress code.

Viewers also defended @willowstreedarko and criticised the restaurant in the comments. They argued that the employee didn’t speak to her about her outfit until after she’d ordered and paid for her food.

“They weren’t worried about how you were dressed when they sat you at the table and let you order and let you eat and drink,” one wrote.

“The employees didn’t have a problem with your clothes when you entered the restaurant or seated you!!,” another wrote.

A third user wrote: “If your clothes were an issue , they should’ve said something when you first walked in.”

Other views continued to show their support for the TikToker and encouraged her to take legal action.

“Blatant discrimination. I’m so sorry this happened to you,” one wrote.

“Sounds like a discrimination lawsuit,” another wrote.

On its official website, Great Divide Brewery and Roadhouse includes information about its menus, locations, gift cards, and more. It doesn’t specify if the establishment has a set dress code.

The Independent has contacted @willowstreedarko and Great Divide Brewery & Roadhouse for comment.

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