Note reveals woman's act of honesty after same-sex marriage postal vote error

A woman who received another man's same-sex marriage postal vote survey form has decided to re-address it to the man it belongs to in the hope he will vote "yes".

Bree, a same-sex marriage supporter from Perth, wrote a heartfelt note to the man saying that she had decided against ticking "yes" on his form because she did not want to strip the man of his "voice".

Bree added that she hoped the man "shared the same values" and implored him to vote "yes" on the survey.

Bree (pictured) received another man's same-sex marriage postal vote survey form. Photo: Supplied to Yahoo7

"My name is Bree and I received your postal vote in the mail at my workplace, Australia Post must have put it in the wrong PO box by accident so I have re-addressed it," she wrote.

"The only issue stopping me from ticking yes and sending it regardless of the fact that it isn't legally my vote, was that I believe everyone has the right to their opinion and beliefs.

"I didn’t want to strip you of your voice as I hope no one ever does the same to me - I hope you share the same values.

"If you do, I urge you to vote YES."

Bree said that voting "no" "only strips someone of their worth, their voice, their happiness and rights".

"I understand and am fully aware that some people may not believe in same sex love - it saddens me, but I do respect other people's belief systems."

Bree questioned how people "can be so close minded" when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Bree, from Perth, wrote a heartfelt note to the man. Picture: Supplied to Yahoo7

The postal vote error that led to Bree's heartfelt letter comes after it was revealed that shining a torch through the same-sex marriage postal vote envelope can reveal individual votes.

A photo was shared on social media showing the ticked 'no' box illuminated after held under light.

"So we have wasted $122 million on a survey where a torch can reveal the answer through the reply envelope it came with," the person who posted the photo wrote.

"Any angry postal worker with a vendetta against the opposing side can go through and remove votes as they see fit. Bravo government."

The Facebook post was later shared on Reddit and many voiced their concerns.