Woman rejected from job after employer stalks her Facebook page

A woman has discovered the real reason she was rejected for an admin position after a hiring employer accidentally left a voicemail on her phone.

When 25-year-old Perth resident Lily Rose-Wilson applied for a job with a Perth company, she thought she had a great chance of landing the role.

But after Michelle Lines from the company failed to hang up the phone after leaving Ms Rose-Wilson a voicemail about the position, she soon realised she wasn’t in line for the position.

In the voicemail recording obtained by A Current Affair, Ms Lines and a male colleague can be heard discussing Ms Rose-Wilson after they’d browsed through her Facebook profile and images.

Ms Rose-Wilson was horrified to hear what Ms Lines had said about her. Source: Channel Nine / ACA

“She’s not answering the phone now,” Ms Lines can be heard saying.

“Probably getting another tattoo,” the man replies.

“She’s probably doing her fake tan,” Ms Lines adds.

The pair discuss how Ms Lines went through her profile, revealing it’s “what you got to do”.

Ms Lines can be heard saying that after seeing her images, she “didn’t like her anymore,” before saying she’s “taking selfies all the time”.

A photo of Ms Rose-Wilson on her public Facebook profile. Source: Facebook/ Lily Rose-Wilson
Ms Rose-Wilson believes her tattoos played a part in her not getting the job. Source: Lily Rose-Wilson

Horrified by the voicemail, Ms Rose-Wilson said she was disappointed her Facebook profile had got in the way of her suitability for the job.

“She really liked my resume. I could have been a possible candidate up for that job until she saw my photos,” Ms Rose-Wilson told A Current Affair.

She said one of the reasons she wasn’t liked physically was because of her extensive tattoos on her arms.

When approached by the show, Ms Lines stood by her decision to inspect the applicant’s social media accounts, saying it was an important part of recruiting in all lines of work.

Ms Lines apologised over the incident. Source: Channel Nine/ ACA

She did however admit her actions had been “immature” and if her company decided to dismiss her for her actions, she would accept the decision.

“I did just want to say sorry to Lily if I did hurt your feelings and it certainly wasn't my intent,” she told A Current Affair.

She denied Ms Rose-Wilson’s tattoos had played a part in her not getting the job.

The business told A Current Affair they are currently investigating the matter.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the company involved regarding the incident.

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