Woman pleads guilty to animal abuse after 64 dead cats found on her property

When authorities responded to reports of a 180 kilogram pig running loose in St Paul, Minnesota they discovered more than 100 animals in appalling conditions.

The grisly discovery included 64 dead cats, as well as living animals including five dogs, a guinea pig and 43 cats, some of which had to be euthanised.

Reports from the Animal Humane Society have reportedly described the property as having “an overpowering smell of urine and faeces” with bodies of dead animals allegedly found scattered in shallow graves, freezers and inside a garage of the rural home.

A criminal complaint filed in May 2018 reported that the floors, walls and windows were covered in animal excitement.

Caycee Bregel, 25 pled guilty to 13 counts of animal cruelty. Source: Dakota County Jail

Caycee Bregel, who resides at the rented property of the shocking discovery has pled guilty to 13 charges of animal cruelty.

The 25-year-old was running a nonprofit animal shelter with at least 40 complaints made to local authorities about the conditions of the animals that were residing in the home, including one from the concerned owner of the home.

More than 100 animals were removed from the property, with the living animals assessed by the Animal Humane Society as having major health problems.

She was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, two years of probation and 90 days of electronic home monitoring and will undergo a psychological examination.

Bregel will no longer be allowed to own or care for animals and the local health department has reportedly condemned the home.

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