Woolworths shopper outraged after missing tiny detail on tin

Brooke Rolfe
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A Woolworths shopper has found herself on the receiving end of fierce criticism after complaining about a detail on a product she bought at the supermarket.

The woman expressed her outrage after picking up a tin of Massel beef stock powder in a rushed trip to the supermarket on Sunday.

When she got home and begun preparing dinner, she was outraged to discover the product was plant-based and actually had zero trace of beef in its ingredients.

The shopper proceeded to use it in the meal but claimed it “in no way tastes like beef”, which she contacted the company to complain about afterwards.

She was directed to the label on the rear of the product that stated it was in fact vegan, and was purposely marketed as beef “style” stock, rather than claiming to be stock made from beef.

Front of Woolworths store with people walking past.
The Woolworths customer said she didn't read the packaging because she was in a rush when she bought the product. Source: AAP

“I was in a rush so seen beef and grabbed it thinking it indeed tasted like beef,” she wrote in an angry post to the Woolworths Facebook page.

“Because I opened it [Woolworths] refused to take back,” she said, adding that Massel informed her that its new packaging stated the product was “plant based” in large letters across the front.

The tin she purchased however, featuring packaging being phased out, had a “suitable for vegans” symbol on the rear.

“On the side of tin in very small writing it does [have vegan labelling], but when in a rush why would you stop to read every word written?,” she wrote.

“Now I have nothing but a misnamed vegetable stock when I wanted beef for adding to my mince.”

Tin of Massel beef powder stock showing its vegan friendly label.
The woman didn't see "suitable for vegans" on the rear of the Massel tin before she bought it. Source: Facebook

Woolworths shoppers respond to woman’s complaint

Several shoppers responded to her complaint, arguing that she should have accepted her $2.50 loss and moved on.

“The new packaging has a big green sash across them stating they are plant based, you’ve obviously got an older tin before they implemented this. While unfortunate, maybe just cut your $2.50 loss and move on,” one person wrote in a comment.

Adding to her feedback, she said she was not convinced the minor inconvenience was “worth the trouble of contacting Massel and Woolworths”.

Someone else correctly informed the shopper that all Massel products are vegan and always have been.

“We use premium vegetables and herbs, extra virgin olive oil and pure sea salt from our Great Southern Ocean, the cleanest ocean in the world. We only use plant-based ingredients, with the exception of salt. All our products are vegan and always have been,” the company’s website states.

Others responded to the customer telling her to “calm down” and “get over it”, while several argued it was her problem she didn’t read the packaging thoroughly enough.

“How is this Woolworths’ problem? What on earth would they do with an opened product that had absolutely nothing wrong with it? You chose to purchase it,” one wrote.

“It says beef STYLE on the front quite clearly! You already spoke to Massel, what are you expecting from Woolworths?,” another said.

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