Why a woman is opening a restaurant serving just one dish

An Adelaide woman is about to serve up an Australian-first idea: a single dish restaurant. 

Carmela Ventura’s extended family chose the single dish set to make up the whole menu.

Business partner George Belperio said while Mrs Ventura has never cooked commercially her signature dish, spaghetti and crab, is “legendary”.

“We’ve been eating it for years on Sundays,” he said.

An Adelaide restaurant could be an Australian first: serving just one dish on its menu. Source: 7 News

Mr Belperio said “everyone is doing de-shelled crab” but “we thought we’d go back to the real thing”.

He added he’s never seen a single dish restaurant in his lifetime. 

“After this restaurant here, everybody’s going to open single dish restaurants,” he said.

There are a select few no choice menus round the world, like Paris’s steak and chips only option.

The only dish on Spaghetti Crab’s menu is… Well, spaghetti crab. Source: 7 News

Spaghetti Crab comes with two choices of wine: red or white.

However, anyone wanting to sample the menu will have to be quick. It’s only open for six weeks from May 31.

The restaurant will only be open for six weeks. Source: 7 News