Woman notices scary detail after arriving home from work

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A woman has shared harrowing footage showing a stranger sneaking around her front door just minutes after she arrived home from work.

Phoebe Tung opened the door to her home, in the US state of California, at 9.25pm one night last week, and went inside, only to notice suspicious activity begin to unfold on the other side.

Her fears were confirmed when she later checked footage from her door's security camera and discovered a man had approached her door, peaked through her blinds and lingered near her home for hours.

Screenshot from door camera.
The stranger darted around Phoebe Tung's door for hours after she got home from work. Source: TikTok/heyitspheebs

In a clip uploaded to video sharing platform TikTok, the man first approached her door at 9.30pm. He appeared to pull his hood over his head after spotting the camera on the door, but it didn't stop him coming back.

Ms Tung said she suspected the man had seen her walking and decided to follow her into her apartment complex.

"Ladies! Please be careful! I had just gotten off work and didn't see anyone following me," she wrote in text at the top of the video.

"This stalker kept walking past the door for two hours."

Another video uploaded the next day showed the man darting around the door of Ms Tung's home until her boyfriend arrived at 11.25pm.

The stranger ran in front of the camera at 10.50pm, 11.05pm and 11.14pm before her boyfriend came home at 11.35pm.

The man has one final peak towards the door at 11.45pm then disappears for good.

Phoebe Tung on a TikTok video.
Phoebe Tung said she handed the footage to police and security, and moved in with a friend. Source: TikTok/heyitspheebs

Ms Tung told her 42,000 followers the footage had been handed to both police and the security for her apartment complex, however she was upset with how the office worker had handled her concern.

"I did contact security that night and I was able to send them the footage," Ms Tung explained in another TikTok video.

"The next day - this is the part that pissed me off - I told the office lady of the apartments and I showed her the footage, and she said, 'well what do you want me to do about it?'," she said.

Ms Tung said she didn't feel safe living in the apartment anymore and has moved in with a friend.

He experience is far from unique, with another woman in the US uploading terrifying footage of a man breaking into her bedroom while she was filming a TikTok dance in November.

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