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Woman mistakes stray dog for her friend’s dog that she’s taking care of: 'Girl, that’s a glitch in the matrix'

A TikToker named Tori (@thephitphoenix) mistook a stray dog for her friend’s dog while dog-sitting and ended up with two adorable and identical pups.

Tori is a TikToker who was in for a serious surprise while dog-sitting for a friend recently. Tori found her friend’s dog, Ace, wandering around her driveway and brought him inside — only to discover the real Ace was in her home the whole time, and that she had actually brought in a stray. Tori shared the story of how she found Ace’s doppelgänger and began to search for his owner in a series of viral videos.

“So I’m dog-sitting, and I thought I left my friend’s dog outside,” she says, filming the shaggy white dog who is sitting in her hallway.

Then Tori walks down the hall. “This is my friend’s dog!” she exclaims as she opens the door to a bedroom and reveals a second, nearly identical dog inside.

Returning to the first dog, who is patiently waiting for her at the other end of the hallway, she asks, “Who the hell is this?”

An identical dog mystery

Viewers were shocked by the identical dog mystery and begged Tori for updates.

“Girl, that’s a glitch in the matrix. That’s the version you left outside,” one viewer joked.

“That’s your dog now,” another viewer commented.

“We need an update! Whose man is this?” asked another TikToker.

In a series of follow-up videos, Tori revealed that she was searching for the mystery pup’s owner. In the meantime, Tori gave the adorable doppelgänger dog a bath, fed him, played with him and even took him to the vet to check for a microchip. At first, Ace was suspicious of the other dog, but eventually the look-alike pups became friends and even played fetch together.

After posting about the mystery dog online, Tori eventually found his owner — and found out his name! She revealed that the mystery dog’s real name is Gordo and that she would be returning him to his owner.

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