Woman makes grim discovery on car bonnet

A woman has revealed her horror after making a grim discovery on the bonnet of her car.

The female resident of Hyde Park, Boston, who asked to remain anonymous, found a severed goat’s head on her car’s bonnet and an image of herself tucked under the window wiper as she went to take her dog for a walk.

“What they did – it was wrong. It was so wrong. It was so disrespectful,” she told US television station WBZ-TV.

The woman has been baffled by the incident, stunned that anyone would do such a thing.

Local residents have been left equally bamboozled by the “scary” act, with some fearing for their safety.

The woman found a goat’s head along with a picture of herself on the bonnet of her car. Source: WBZ-TV

“That is really scary, that is really bizarre,” neighbour Deirdre Buckmire said.

When the woman first spotted the goat’s head, she dismissed it as joke, believing it wasn’t real.

But on closer inspection, she was horrified at what she found.

“When I saw the picture, I said ‘that’s a joke.’ Then I looked again and I said ‘no, it’s not funny anymore’ because, at the end of the day, that was so disrespectful.”

She quickly jumped in her car and drove to Hyde Park police station with the animal head still on her car.

The head was taken as evidence, while officers searched the area for more evidence.

Officers are searching for CCTV footage from the local area in a bid to distinguish where exactly the severed head came from and to locate those responsible.