Woman has last laugh when motorcyclist tries to steal her parcel

A Perth mum had the last laugh when a parcel thief collected a decoy box she set up following a previous theft at her doorstep.

Crysti-Lei Arnold, who was reeling after her child’s Christmas present was pinched following its delivery, decided enough was enough and conceived a plan to fool potential thieves.

And it wasn’t long for the mother to wait to catch out a crook on a motorcycle, who was oblivious the contents of Ms Arnold’s latest package was a stack of bricks.

The motorcyclist pulls in after spotting the parcel. Source: Facebook/ Crysti-Lei Arnold

Footage shared to Facebook over the weekend shows the rider pull up to her property before manoeuvring his bike ready for a quick getaway.

He leans over and picks up the parcel just as Ms Arnold notices him. She can be seen opening her door before giving him a piece of her mind as he rides off.

Ms Arnold’s post was inundated with users shocked over the rider’s audacity.

The rider picks up the parcel, oblivious to its contents. Source: Facebook/ Crysti-Lei Arnold

I can’t believe he rode his motorbike right up to your door!” one user wrote.

“Two different thieves in one week! That’s appalling!” another said.

Ms Arnold has reported both thefts to the police.

Her misfortune comes as part of a rise in parcel thefts, with the Christmas period a common time for thieves to strike.

And like the thief who managed to get his hands on the bricks, not all are happy with their stolen goods.

A thief in Florida last month would have been taken aback when they discovered they’d landed 500 super worms meant for a pet bearded dragon.