Woman held captive for 19 years by stepdad reveals how she escaped

A woman who spent almost two decades captive at the hands of her stepfather, who she was forced to marry and fathered nine children with, has spoken for the first time about how she escaped the horrific ordeal.

Rosalynn McGinnis was just 11-years-old when she was kidnapped by her stepfather, Henri Piette, who was 64-years-old at the time.

The US man abducted her in 1994 while she was at her Oklahoma school, allegedly in retaliation against her mother, who he was married to at the time,

Rosalynn McGinnis, now 33, fled Mexico with her children and reported her horror story to the FBI. Source: KSHB

Piette took his stepdaughter to Mexico where she gave birth to nine of his children, two before her 18th birthday, and forced her to marry him.

When Ms McGinnis was 33 she managed to escape Piette, and Mexico with eight of her nine children.

In an interview with Dr Oz, Ms McGinnis explained how a mystery couple who spotted her with her children and Piette shopping, helped pay for her groceries and ended up rescuing her from her hell.

"We were in the grocery store, we were in front of them, and we had a bunch of kids, of course, and it was me and Henri Piette,” she told Dr Oz.

"Actually, we were short on the bill to pay for the groceries and they paid it for us,” she said, adding the couple may have been suspicious because of “the age difference and all the children...”

Rosalynn McGinnis went missing when she 11-years-old (although the pictured poster states she was 12) and allegedly held captive by her stepfather for two decades. Source: US National Missing Children Centre

When the couple asked Ms McGinnis where they lived she said Piette became nervous and moved their location almost immediately but the couple tracked them down.

"We moved and they found out where we were and she's like ‘I know there's something wrong. If you can ever get away, I'll help you’," Ms McGinnis recalls the woman telling her.

With the help of that couple Ms McGinnis fled to the US embassy and returned to the states.

Henri Piette was convicted of kidnapping earlier this year but he is still waiting for a determination on rape charges. He denies wrongdoing. Source: KSHB

McGinnis revealed that she kept the details of her relationship with Piette a secret from their children and it wasn’t until she escaped back to the US that she told her children the truth about their father.

"He would tell them they're animals. He would treat them like animals. That the only reason that they're alive is because your mother's here,” she said.

Piette was convicted of kidnapping charges in early 2019 but is still waiting for a determination on rape charges.

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