Woman kicked off flight after complaining about vomit on seat

A woman has been forcibly removed from a flight after complaining about vomit on her daughter’s seat.

Rosetta Swinney was on board a Frontier Airlines flight leaving Las Vegas for North Carolina last weekend when she claims her 14-year-old daughter sat in vomit, ABC 7 reports.

"She jumped up to say, 'Mum! My hands are wet’," Ms Swinney told the network.

"She smelled it. She says, 'This is vomit, mom.' So we went to look. It was on the bag, all over her shirt, her hands."

Rosetta Swinney, 53, complained about vomit on her daughter's seat on board a Frontier Airlines flight. She claims a flight attendant wouldn't help or assign a different seat before she was removed from the plane. Source: ABC7

Ms Swinney claims she told a flight attendant about the vomit but was informed “that’s not my job”.

In a statement to the station, the airline said it apologised to Ms Swinney and claims staff offered different seats but that’s a claim the mum refutes.

Another passenger, LaDonna Williamson, filmed the confrontation between Ms Swinney and security.

“They won’t let her move her seat,” Ms Williamson can be heard saying.

“Instead of moving her she (the flight attendant) called security.”

Ms Swinney in the terminal after being removed from the flight. The airline claims staff apologised to her and offered a different seat. She disputes this. Source: Storyful

The video cuts to police informing Ms Swinney she’s being removed from the plane.

A police officer tells her the plane “isn’t going anywhere” with her on it. They offer her the opportunity to voluntarily leave the flight or “de-plane” all the passengers.

It then cuts to Ms Swinney in handcuffs in the terminal yelling.

“You know what? This is not right. This is not right,” she says.

Her daughter is heard sobbing before her mother is taken away by police.

ABC7 reported the mum was charged with misdemeanour trespassing and will face court in June.

The airline told the station it refunded Ms Swinney’s flight.

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