‘Woman in a bubble’ a prisoner in her own home, allergic to ‘everything’

A woman has tragically revealed she is forced to live in a single, sealed, ‘toxic-free’ room and sleep on a small fold-out bed as she is allergic to virtually everything in the outside world.

Amelia Hill, nicknamed “the woman in a bubble”, lives like a prisoner, trapped inside her own Adelaide home and is struggling to survive as her severe health condition continues to deteriorate.

The 41-year-old suffers from debilitating ‘allergic’ reactions that can last from hours to weeks.

Amelia Hill a prisoner in her own home, allergic to 'everything'. Source: Facebook

“Some of these environmental triggers include but are not limited to: fragrances, fabrics, furnishings, food, pesticides, paint, plastics, personal care and cleaning products, adhesives, inks, dyes, detergents, air-fresheners, building materials, dust, mould, even electrical appliances like computers, TV, telephone, heaters, electrical wiring and wireless & WiFi technology,” she wrote as part of her blog.

“The list of triggers can be vast, perplexing and seemingly never-ending,” she continued.

Even something as unassuming as the waft of a cleaning agent can send her into a relapse, which she says closes her windpipes and could be fatal.

“I could no longer walk down the street. I couldn’t visit the doctor, dentist or even a hospital. I couldn’t go to the shops, visit a friend or go to any public place,” she wrote.

Amelia spent years suffering in silence without a concrete diagnosis.

Some doctors even labeling her a hypochondriac according to reports.

Finally at age 33 she was formally diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Electrohypersensitivity.

Sadly however despite her best efforts her condition has deteriorated to the point where she says she can no longer hold her body upright.

Due to her condition her respiratory muscles have become weakened and she struggles to breathe.

Amelia says the smallest of trigger causes her physical pain and also overwhelming fatigue.

"It was horrific," Ms Hill wrote in her blog.

"When the landlord switched the shower water from rain water to main water, my body rejected that too.

"My mum then carted in bottles of twice filtered water and bathed me from a bucket. Sleeping in a newly vacuumed house sent me to the emergency room."

Amelia thanked her chiropractor for assisting her with her current breathing problems. Source: Facebook

Living in long-term isolation in a home in the Adelaide Hills is a lonely life for Amelia.

She cannot have visitors and is forced to eat from a rotation of only selected foods.

Amelia’s friend set up a GO FUND ME page to help raise money for in-home specialist visits, treatments and essential medical equipment.

To date the page has helped raise over $12,000 for the "woman in the bubble".