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Woman heartbroken by girlfriend’s ‘joke’ proposal response: ‘Why would you sign up for this permanently?’

A woman is fed up with her girlfriend’s frequent “joke” and is reconsidering the future of their relationship because of it.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her girlfriend Molly answers every question with “no” as a prank, no matter how serious the issue is. The Reddit poster finally had it when Molly responded “no” to her very own marriage proposal.

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“My (25F) girlfriend, Molly (26F) for the last… 6 months started with a joke that I’ve already made clear that I don’t like,” the Reddit poster wrote. “It consists of her saying ‘No’ quickly to anything I ask. I know it sounds silly, but I ask her to get a glass of water for me, she says no and after 1 minute, I’m almost getting up, she says she’s joking and gets some water.”

She tried talking to Molly about the bad joke, but Molly insisted it was no big deal. After a few incidents, Molly stopped the prank for about a month. Unfortunately, she brought it back at the worst possible time.

“Yesterday, we welcomed my parents, in-laws and our 2 best friends to our house,” the Redditor said. “Everyone knew that I was going to propose to her and I called them, because we always planned this proposal with our loved ones attending, participating in this special day.

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“I asked her to marry me and she said a quick NO and I was so grumpy/panic/upset (everyone looking in shock) for 30s for her to laugh and say she was joking, finally saying YES. I was so embarrassed and…disappointed? I put the ring box back in and said I’d take it out to cool off. I didn’t even let her say anything.”

The Reddit poster went to stay in a hotel and hasn’t spoken to her girlfriend since.

“She kept texting me (no answering calls), saying it was just a joke and that I knew she always did that. My parents supported me, but my in-laws calling me AH for giving up on proposing, disproportionately humiliating their daughter. I just really think there’s time for jokes and that moment wasn’t clearly, she knew I didn’t like it and decided to do it anyway.”

Redditors sided with the poster on this one, feeling like her girlfriend took things a bit too far.

“Why would you sign up for this permanently?” a user commented.

“You did not humiliate her. Your feelings were hurt (rightfully so) and you needed time to process and think,” another said.

“She doesn’t want to give up this power, but I think you should give her up,” a person added.

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