Woman giving birth demanded heroin, meth

Kathy McCormack
Police have arrested a woman who asked to be injected with heroin while giving birth to her son.

A woman in labour demanded a friend inject her with heroin and methamphetamine before firefighters arrived at their home and she gave birth while entering an ambulance, New Hampshire police say.

Police in Concord arrested Felicia Farruggia, 29, of Concord, this week, about six months after her son was born.

Police also arrested Rhianna Frenette, 37, of Belmont, who is accused of giving Farruggia the drugs.

"This case is just, honestly, absolutely appalling in my mind," Lieutenant Sean Ford said. "No one died, but the risk to that child and to the mother. ... This stuff is just getting out of control."

Police say Frenette used an unsanitary syringe to try to inject Farruggia at least once before she was successful. After that, Farruggia's boyfriend called 911. Shortly afterward, firefighters arrived, and Farruggia gave birth while entering the ambulance.

The child is in state custody.